Several years ago I found the courage to do what I’ve always aspired, to paint—to create in a new and unfamiliar way without the option of command Z.

My senses as a former graphic design professional come into play from form to color, to the most intricate, using it as my inner and unconscious guide. My design background and painting are merging as I refine and find my inner voice in paint, finding my way into abstraction and figurative abstraction at its most primative state.

I’m inspired by so many, including Richard Diebenkorn, Manuel Neri, William de Kooning, Catherine Woskow, Chris Gwaltney and so many more.

Nature here in Northern California and the human condition inspire me. Looking for ways to intertwine the two through painting is for me the essence of life.

My daily painting practice has become the mental workout I cherish, in the same way as my body thrives on yoga, hiking and biking. 

I currently work in Cold Wax Medium and Oil.

—Linda Wegmann